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Feliciano liked the café he'd been going to for the past two years.
It was a cute little book café.  Though, his favorite part of the café was probably the waitress, a petite girl with expressive brown eyes and a smile that lit up her entire face, named Geety. She was a (usually) patient girl, whom he'd been friends with for two years.
She could hold her patience, though not for long, but she was honest, and sometimes a little bit blunt, though she'd try and say things in a bit of a nice way, and got bored a little bit easily, and preferred to solve things on her own.
She had dreams of travelling and seeing not only more of the country, but more of the world, and he was completely fascinated and rapidly falling in love with this girl at the café, who he'd become friends with, after about a month of coming to the  cute little book café, which was only a temporary thing.
He could clearly imagine the two, sitting on a kitchen floor, him feeding her some of his food.  She had eaten his food before, and knew about his dream to own an Italian restaurant with his brother.  She'd offered to give him some of her pay checks to help, but he refused.  And she smiled such a smile that lit up her face, and she told him he was sweet, and they became friends shortly after, and he started to fall in love with her.
He like the way she smiled, the way her eyes always gave her away.  He liked that she was a dreamer, and liked to slow down and just stare at the stares or the moon at night time.  He  liked that she wanted to travel and see amazing things.  He liked that she was different from him.  He would whine when something had upset him, she'd keep it in.  He couldn't hold any emotions in, he let them out immediately.  She held everything in, and she would have an emotional explosion one day, but it'd be okay, because he'd be there for her.  She didn't like crying in front of people, and he'd found her once, hidden under a table in her house, with the door open and unlocked.  She didn't know why she was crying,  she just felt sad until he came and told her entertaining stories about his older brother's extremely short temper, and the tears stopped and turned into a small smile, that still lit up her face, even though her eyes were still sad.  She wasn't one to talk about her feelings much.
He'd get her, one day, to go on a picnic or something after she came out of work, and they'd go to all sorts of places, beautiful places with pretty scenery.  She'd love that.  And there would be… children, running around, playing catch or tag, and they'd laugh at how cute the kids were.  He'd buy her a rose, and she'd smile, the smile that lit up her face, and thank him, and that would make the entire night.
They'd become closer and closer, and she'd fall in love with him eventually, and would stay the night once a week. They'd spend that entire night talking and laughing, until the sun came up, and he'd say he loved her, and Geety would smile and say "I love you too," and kiss him on the cheek, maybe.
Sometimes, she'd find him, while driving around town, drunk, and she'd have to take him over to his place, and when she'd try leaving to go back to her house, she'd end up not leaving, because he'd fall to the ground, in a bit of a drunken mess, grabbing her leg and, because she was too kind and caring to leave him alone, when he was drunk, she'd stay another night, spent talking, and having him drink coffee or tea, though it'd mostly be hot chocolate.  Feliciano would say "Ti amo, bella," and she'd laugh and say something like "Say that when you're sober," or "Are you really so drunk that you'd call me beautiful?"  It'd be a perfect relationship, and all their friends would laugh and tease them, and Geety would get so flustered, and only more adorable.  
Maybe he was falling much too quickly, but one day, he'd tell her how much he loved her.
"Feliciano?"  The girl who had consumed a good majority of his thoughts came up to him, and sat next to him.  
"Oh!  Hi, bella!"
"You haven't drunk any of your hot chocolate," she placed her hands on the mug the size of a baseball hat.  "And it's all cold, let me get you another one,"  she leaned towards him and whispered, "on the house."
"No, it's fine, bella!  I was just going to leave, I was waiting for someone,"  he quickly said, nervously, knowing that he hadn't fooled her, it was easy for her to see through his lies, but she didn't question him.  
"Oh, they didn't come?"
"No, maybe I came to the wrong meeting place!  And I'm probably late by now, I have to call the person!"  She laughed and shook her head at his ridiculousness, as he rushed out of the café.
He stared at the ground in defeat.  Whenever he tried to tell her, he always got so nervous, and made an excuse, and ran, like he ran from everything, the coward he was, and he hated his sudden lack of ability to tell her how he felt, and it made it even worse that he had no idea whether or not she felt the same way.
But maybe things wouldn't be too bad.
She was only a day dream away.
You're just a daydream away,
    I wouldn't know what to say if I had you…
      But I'll keep you a day dream away
       And watch form a safe place,
         Where I'll never have to lose…
I own nothing.
Except for me.
Song: "A Daydream Away" by All Time Low
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